Hopelands’ mission is to build self-sustaining villages where orphaned children can be placed into a family environment and to create a place where they will receive unconditional love, care, nurturing and spiritual discipleship.

Hopelands is a non-profit, social service organisation founded in 2018 that aims to alleviate the orphan calamity in South Africa. Founders Stephen and Sharon Lamprecht are committed to the vision and mission of Hopelands and endeavour daily to lead the organisation to success. Stephen has vast social experience and after spending a number of years in the corporate sector became a full-time pastor and enjoyed over 20 years serving in the ministry. Stephen and Sharon are assembling a strong, strategically relevant team to make Hopelands and the dream a reality.

The Hopelands vision

To provide a vibrant lifestyle for orphaned and abandoned children with the core vision to give them the privilege of a holistic residential lifestyle.

Our mission statement

Our mission, purpose and passion is to raise a future generation of leaders in our nation. To build from nothing and transform it into a self-sustainable village where orphans and abandoned children can lead normal lives and become leaders of the future.

What we are about



Rescue of orphans and abandoned children


Seeing a better, brighter future become a reality


Honeycomb networking, connecting communities


Loving what we do and who we do it for


Accountability to those we serve


Strategic partnerships that add value and make a difference

Our values & objectives

  • Christian moral regeneration.
  • To get the church, business and government working together.
  • Equip our children with essential moral values and life skills so they will grow up to be a generation that will influence positive change within South Africa and the world.
  • Create a lifestyle where children will be placed into a family environment with a trained parent to love them, a school to educate them, and where all their needs are met.