Congrats UMS

Congratulations UMS on receiving these International awards. The 2019 IGA International Retailer of the Year Award was recently bestowed upon UMS , one of our supporters. We are ecstatic to be associated with UMS and their passion for helping people in their communities. They are personally involved in seeing to the wellbeing and future of orphaned and…

Back to School Supply Drive

Hopelands will be launching a Homework Centre, Computer Centre and Saturday School at Magalies River Christian Centre. We’re calling on all our Hopelands friends to support this initiative in any way possible. Pencil, Glue, Kids Scissors, Rulers, Blue Pens, Erasers, Coloured Pencils, A4 Coloured Paper, A4 White Paper, A4 Feint & Margin workbooks, Dictionaries, Paint, Paint Brushes, Sharpeners, Tissues and Old Magazines. Contact us on 0826644349 or

Official notices

Official notices being put up This Official notices being put up on our property for the rezoning approval. Also did personal drop-offs of the notice to all our neighbours. Change an orphan’s life by changing the world in which they live. All it takes is a donation of R100. Your support allows us to fund…

Let’s stand for the orphan

Orphans are probably the most neglected of our society. Hopelands is developing an orphan village with 40 houses to accommodate 240 orphaned and abandoned children. Let’s stand for the orphan. We have a responsibility to defend the fatherless, to care for the child who has no family and to visit orphans in their distress. You…

Kumon Fourways

Thank you Kumon Fourways study centre. Your Mandela Day challenge to all your Learners has reaped wonderful results and will help Hopelands change the lives of others. Thank you Sophia Kyprianides and your team.   This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Making dreams come true

We at Hopelands believe in making the dreams of orphaned and vulnerable children come true. The success of the Hopelands orphan village project requires the help and support of all donations. You too can make a significant difference by making a donation of any amount today to help change a life. Donations can be done…

The Big Reveal

SAVE THE DATE SATURDAY 18 AUGUST 2018 Hopelands will be revealing the future plans for the village. This event will be open to all who have an interest in Hopelands.  Our mission is to raise a self-sustainable village where orphans and abandoned children can lead normal lives, attend school and become raised as leaders of…

Call to Action

An African proverb says that it takes a village to raise a child. Hopelands is moving ahead and any donation you make towards the project will help us build the village. Buy a brick now for only R10. To donate is so easy. Just follow the easy steps on our website.

Title deed for our property

We are delighted to share the Title deed for our property where we will build Hopelands Village. This is another significant step for Hopelands. Thank you to everyone who has supported the project thus far. Remember, every contribution you make could save a child from being abandoned or orphaned. You can also help by contributing.