Darrell Strydom

I sometimes feel like I should be a ring-master or monkey wrangler. But other than that, I love chatting about politics and international public law. It helps that I am a qualified and experienced lawyer, motor vehicle accident analyst, staunch road safety advocate and philanthropist.

Lydia van Niekerk

Average cook, devoted wife, mother and grandmother, I am an ex advocate attempting to keep people out of jail and a wannabe cyclist. (Who were the Gupta’s and Zuma’s PR company in London? Might need to get in touch….)

Jackie Lamprecht

A Michelin Star for home-cooking and considered by some as the ‘Best cook in the world’ I love any cookbook, especially Gordon Ramsay. I have been a teacher for the past 11 years and am a mom of two – the one being my husband and the other my daughter. A big-time coffee snob, I would also love to see world peace become a reality.

Jonathan Lamprecht


Self-proclaimed designer guy, coffee and Twitter addict, Chief Idea Officer, average filmographer, and part-time photographer. In my spare time I am a stunt double for Superman and the Hulk, you can even ask Dwayne Johnson he has me on speed dial.