NB! This 12 day Trek was fully sponsored and no funds from Hopelands was used.

The mandate from the sponsors was that Hopelands would carry our mission flag to Base Camp and propagate our mission as we went along.

For almost 3 years our Founders, Stephen and Sharon Lamprecht prepared themselves and waited for the right time to do the Everest Base Camp Trek. Much of the delay was due to the Covid pandemic that put major restrictions on people movement.

Well, the date was finally agreed upon in October 2022 when their air tickets were booked and paid for. They departed from South Africa on 6 May to Nepal. The Trek was rather gruelling due their age, yet their enthusiasm and ability to face challenges carried them all the way to Base Camp and back with triumph.

On 16 May 2023 they achieved the goal and stood on the iconic rock at Everest Base Camp at an altitude of 5364m and raised Hopelands’ flag.

Along the way they met people from different countries and were able to spread their story and their mission. People from Brazil, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Israel, Saudi Arabia, India, Australia, New Zealand, as well as a family from Cape Town, South Africa.