Hopelands managed to purchase 10 pre-used cots that needed some serious revamping. Jenny-Lee Swanepoel, the current “Mrs. Krugersdorp” and “Hopelands Ambassador” took it upon herself to arrange the revamping of the cots.

The day itself was a beautiful sunny day in May and many people arrived to give their support to this initiative to get involved in community needs. As far as possible we as Hopelands want the community to assist with this project and we are making good progress in this.


With much enthusiasm the group set everything up in the driveway and the chatter and banter amongst the group of helpers made the day a great success. Someone went off to the local builder’s store and purchase some wood and goodies for some much-needed upgrades to the cots as well.


Some even brought their own tools which again shows how people want to get involved to help. Much activity was to be seen. Sanding, scraping, sawing, screwing, and varnishing soon transformed the cots take on a whole new look.


Bundleberry donated beautiful gifts to decorate the cots.

Thank you to the following that made this such a wonderful success:

Mrs Krugersdorp 2021/2022 – Jenny-Lee Swanepoel

Hopelands Ambassador – Jenny-Lee Swanepoel

Bundleberry – Tanya Cron

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