When it comes to working with any non-profit there is no “one size fits all” that is best suited for any non-profit. The great thing about working with the teams from Nedbank is that there is no authoritarianism

From the outset it was very clear that they have a heart for what they are doing and were in regular contact with us as to what the need at the baby rescue home was. Their intentions were clear that they would not just blow in, blow up and blow out. No “quick fixes”. Teams worked with a clear plan and objective.

Each team took certain areas that needed attention and engaged diligently in working through the process to reach the goal. Be it excavation, painting, gardening, deep cleaning, irrigation, new putty in window frames, dry wall installation and the like, they just kept chipping away with teamwork, laughter and great camaraderie.

We’re grateful that the meaningful action from Nedbank and their teams to help non-profits in a practical and hands on way brings about an understanding of work that is being done in communities by those who care what happens in communities, are willing to take action to address those needs, and are prepared to put themselves at risk to assist in needy communities.

Thank you to the teams from Nedbank. We appreciate you and the work you have done at Hope Cottage here in Magaliesburg.