Facing the Lockdown due to Covid-19 in South Africa has created a downward spiral for many families and informal communities. Such communities can easily be found on our doorstep and those who live there are poverty stricken in normal circumstances.


In the midst of the Lockdown our Founder, Stephen Lamprecht was near the entrance gate of the estate where he lives and saw a group of about 30 children walking along the road. This was quite unusual as the whole country is in lockdown and these children were out and about on a public road.


Families that received food.

On enquiry with the Security guard on duty at the gate, Stephen learnt that these children were on their way to a nearby farm to steal corn (mielies). This was very emotional for him. It stirred a strong compassion in his heart for the local community in Magaliesburg.

Stephen put out a call on Facebook for assistance to help provide food parcels to this local community to ensure that the children would have food instead of having to go out and steal food so we came up with an idea that we will organise food hampers that we can hand out to the local communities in Magaliesburg and also see if we can help our neighbouring communities that we call fiends of Hopelands.


What we put into the food hampers:

  • 5kg mielie meal

    Food Hampers

  • 2kg rice
  • 2.5kg cake flour
  • 2.5kg sugar
  • 2kg red beans
  • 1pkt tea bags
  • 2 tins baked beans
  • 2 tins fish
  • 1 litre oil
  • 12 stock cubes
  • 2 Sunlight soap
  • 2 bars of soap


With us putting a call out for help on all our social media, we were overwhelmed by the support and the generosity of people even in this difficult time of Covid-19 a pandemic that has hit the world. We could see the support of the people and the unity like we have never seen before in our nation as South Africans. As a very proud sporting nation, you may recall that in November 2019 South Africa the (Boks) took on the rugby world in Japan in the Rugby World Cup and won the Cup for the 3rd time. This great win for us created an immense sense of unity when the Webb Ellis trophy was lifted and eventually taken on a nationwide trip with millions of people celebrating the victory. As I said, the unity that emerged from the call for help came together, crossed boundaries of race and ethnic groups to support the South African people.


These people do not have the financial capacity to put food on the table due to the lockdown that has taken place in South Africa. In other words, we all came to a standstill as companies closed their doors because of the lockdown. We had to stay in our homes and only essential companies were open. Most people had no work and could not put food on the table and earn money.



Next to the road drop off

Thank you to all our supporters who have responded. You have helped us all to make a difference. Help came from local farms, churches, cash donations and individual people.

You can still support and help.



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Stephen Lamprecht (Hopelands Founder)


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