Teach a child to read and you teach a child to soar.” Siyabonga Marcus Mzizi.

A book is like a treasure box which opens up a world of possibilities. I believe that books are an important tool in building a society of thinkers.

Hopelands Village is on the brink of introducing a library, in conjunction with a support partner, to assist children enrolled at its Homework Centre in Magaliesburg. Education is one of the central focus areas of the Hopelands Village project.

A child’s love for reading is usually stimulated at a young age when a parent or care- giver takes the time to read an age-appropriate book to that child. The reality is that far too many children today either can’t read or don’t read books. Many simply don’t have access to books. Digital technology has its benefits but can also be a distraction away from the reading of books.

It is important that children are stimulated through reading to develop an enquiring mind – a mind that is receptive to different opinions and attitudes of people; a mind that develops capacity for critical thinking and structured analysis; a mind that supports independent reasoning.

We need to teach our children to read, understand and comprehend what they read. Reading at least one book a week is to be encouraged.

We encourage you, the reader, to partner with us and make reading a reality for our children.

Written by: Siyabonga Marcus Mzizi