Congratulations UMS on receiving these International awards.

The 2019 IGA International Retailer of the Year Award was recently bestowed upon UMS , one of our supporters. We are ecstatic to be associated with UMS and their passion for helping people in their communities. They are personally involved in seeing to the wellbeing and future of orphaned and vulnerable children.

UMS supports two non-profit organisations of which Hopelands is one. Jad is committed to seeing local communities changed and has undertaken a long term partnership with LIV and Hopelands.

“I am honoured to have the privilege of knowing these angels that walk amongst us, directly caring for the burden of a loving God.” Jad Pereira CEO of UMS.

Words from Jad Pereira, CEO of UMS. “Partnership is key to our business philosophy, and our partnership with LIV and Hopelands is a community priority for us.”

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