We are excited to offer you an easy and convenient way to support Hopelands.

Simply click on the DONATE VIA PAYPAL button on our website and you will be guided through the process to donate via the PayPal payment gateway (Please note that you will be redirected to the official PayPal website in order to complete the transaction.) PayPal securely processes donations for Hopelands. You can complete your payment with just a few clicks. Paypal offers you the option of a once-off or recurring donation, should you wish to contribute to the Hopelands mission on an on-going basis. Follow the instructions on the PayPal website:
  • If you have a PayPal account you will login to your account and complete the transaction
  • If you do not have a PayPal account you can sign up for one
  • Your donation to Hopelands and the relevant exchange rate at the time of the transaction will be shown
  • All transactions are subject to PayPal’s Terms & Conditions (View here)