As we reflect back on 2019 there are many positive matters to give feedback on. Since we have only completed our second year of existence, what has transpired can only be attributed to the Lord for His goodness. During this year we also moved our Hopelands office to Magalies River Christian Centre (MRCC) in Magaliesburg.

LIV Thokomala – This is a separate entity from LIV Village. There are 12 foster care homes throughout the country that LIV Thokomala took over from Unilever 2 years ago. Tich wants to build a model for these existing and future homes where churches, business and government can work together to care for and sustain these homes. Hopelands has confirmed with LIV that we are prepared to work alongside them with the home in Kagiso in order to team up and write a model for existing and future homes. We have already visited this home and believe that Hopelands and LIV will successfully work together on this particular home. They are a very happy family. Hopelands arranged for Christmas gifts for each family member and also gave R1500.00 towards their Christmas day lunch. As can be seen in the photo, the house is in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint.


  1. Hopelands property re-zoning


After a year of environmental assessments to re-zone the property we eventually reached a point where the Environmentalist submitted that we were trying to circumvent the findings of the assessments by insisting that they proceed with our application to Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. This led us to consult with 2 other Environmentalists who also recommended that we reduce our building footprint further. This would however hamper the vision of an orphan village altogether. So far, we have laid out approximately R200 000.00 for the professional work done with an estimated amount of another R100 000.00 to prepare and submit the application for re-zoning.


After much consultation with different people we have finally decided to withdraw the application for re-zoning and move forward with the existing zoning on the property. According to our Town Planner, this will allow us to build a dwelling house with outbuildings.


  1. Homework Centre


This was started after we moved home to Magaliesburg. This move was important for us in this sense that we as Founders of Hopelands needed to live in the community in order to successfully work in the community. Magalies River Christian Centre have granted us free use of the church building to do the Homework Centre. On 3 April we opened the doors to the local community to start the Homework Centre. There were 28 children that initially registered, and we ended the year with 20 regular and faithful children. This will continue in 2020 with the same 20 children. The Centre also evolved as the year progressed into reaching other needs in the community. Hopelands has become more than just a vision to build a village for orphaned children, we are effectively influencing the whole town of Magaliesburg. Apart from the Homework Centre we have expanded to other activities such as:


  • Computer based training for Maths and English. (Computers donated by UMS)


  • Music Centre – So far there are 2 musicians that attend the Centre who spend time on musical instruments to improve their music skills. On Sundays they participate in church worship in MRCC.


  • Career encouragement for the youth – To date we have assisted 4 young people to connect to career/employment guidance and opportunities. Hopelands has become more than what we anticipated for this year. Our impact in the community of Magaliesburg is changing lives for the good. By just being available to listen to young people who are the future of our nation we are seeing positive results. Hopelands is helping young people in this community to dream again.


  • Future Sound Engineer (Molokisi was assisted by connecting him to possible work opportunities)


  • Future Pilot (We arranged for Lebogang who dreams of being a Pilot to see a flight simulator at Aeronav Academy at Lanseria Airport)



  • Future Doctor (Kelebogile who dreams of being a medical Doctor spent time with Dr Malebo and Dr Maggie from Mediwell Medical Centre in Fourways)


  • General homework and skills development – This comprised of general homework and skills development for the local children. We also had volunteers from Youth for Christ in Hekpoort and Excelsior Private School in Ruimsig visit us as part of their community involvement activities.


  1. Grade 1 for 2020


There is currently a Pre-School on the church property that has 49 children. This is run and managed by Mumsy who has been empowered by MRCC to run it as her own business. Our experience in the Homework Centre this year has made us aware of the current status of education in Magaliesburg. Needless to say, our assessment is that it is way below the general standard. To bring about a shift in the right direction for education in the community, we are assessing the possibility in conjunction with MRCC and Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) to launch a Grade 1 class in 2020. We will then have the opportunity to develop the children in Magaliesburg from toddlers to champions of the future. The notion is to add another grade every year until we reach Grade 12. Future children at Hopelands Village can potentially also be educated here. There is sufficient space on MRCC property to do this. Currently there are 3 ECD classes.



  1. Working with LIV (Tich and Joan Smith)


In the past year we have had 4 meetings with the Founders of LIV (Tich and Joan Smith). These meetings dealt with the orphan dilemma in South Africa and the need for collaboration between like-minded organisations such as LIV, Hopelands and others in order to form a unified voice to churches, government and business. Tich now considers that the model orphan village size should be for 50 children and should ideally start with a baby home with abandoned children and develop it from there. Hopelands and LIV have teamed up and have agreed to work together in this regard. There are 2 endeavours we have agreed on thus far:


  • LIV Lanseria – We have also recently met with Sheldon Delport, the Chairman of the LIV Lanseria Board. Tich and Joan have requested me and Sharon to assist in the mentoring, tutoring, leadership and probable oversight of the village. They consider us to have loads of experience and that we can add great value to the Lanseria village on the road ahead. This is still in the preliminary phase and we have agreed to accept this role in order for us to also gain more knowledge and experience. We will begin with this role in the new year.


Hopelands property re-zoning

Hopelands in 2020


  • Vision – Our vision remains unchanged to build homes for orphaned and vulnerable children. The strategy however has to be adapted for us to have our first home. Statistically, according to Tich, there are 900 babies abandoned in SA per month. Only 300 are rescued, the other 600 unfortunately never survive and die. During 2020 we also want to enhance our teamwork with LIV and other organisations with the same vision to rescue abandoned children.


  • Property – Our property on the outskirts of Magaliesburg remains undeveloped at this stage. The primary reason is that funds are needed to build our first home. In order to do this, we would need to secure the perimeter, connect to Eskom for electricity, drill a borehole for water and build our first house. A basic financial needs estimation is as follows:



Secure 2000m perimeter:    R840 000.00

Eskom connection:              R280 000.00

Borehole:                             R100 000.00

House construction:            R800 000.00

Total:                                 R2 020 000.00


Other options:

Option 1: Both properties next to our property are on the market. Ideally the one behind us has 2 houses on it with Eskom electricity, a borehole and is fenced off. The owner has reduced the price to R2 000000.00. To purchase this property could be a viable solution for Hopelands. Property size is 7 hectares.

Option 2: Another feasible solution is to purchase an existing house in Magaliesburg town and start a baby rescue home as proposed by Tich. Current pricing for a reasonable size 3-bedroom home with existing municipal services such as electricity, water and sewage range from R900 000.00 to R1 200000.00.


  • Homework Centre – We will continue with the Homework Centre and work towards handing it over to a Volunteer to continue so we can give more attention to Hopelands’ greater vision.


Due to the severe poverty levels in Magaliesburg we have identified a need to start an Adult computer-based education centre to empower adults with basic computer skills, Maths and English. We already have the computers donated by UMS and the relevant computer programs.


2020 – The year of Acceleration and Implementation


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